Coach TJ – LPGA Head Coach

Taronne Atley (TJ) is the founder and Head Coach of Zone Golf Academy in Vancouver, BC.,  Canada. She joined the LPGA in 1986 and is a LPGA Life Member with over 35 years of professional golfer experience.

Taronne attended to the University of Washington from 1980-1984, captained the golf team and graduated with a degree in Speech Communication. As an accomplished player, Taronne played on 4 BC Provincial teams, placing 3rd place in the inaugural America’s Cup.  She played for Team Canada together with Dawn Coe-Jones, placing 6th in the World Team Cup Championship in 1983. She has played in 4 majors, including the 1986 U.S. Open and 3 Du Maurier Classics.

TJ has placed over 150+ players on golf scholarships to the USA and Canada and 20 + players have turned professional. There are 6 players in the Ivy League in 2016-2017.  Zone Golf opened an indoor studio in Richmond specializing in putting and gym.

E-mail: Phone: 778.999.3026

Coach Kas – LPGA Golf Coach

Kasandra Eccles attended Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida on a golf scholarship. Upon returning to Canada, Kasandra studied Marketing and Business at BCIT; then went on to receive her Nursing Unit Coordinator certificate to work in the hospital. She is a certified SNAG instructor and also taught golf in elementary schools for the BCGA. Kasandra designs resumes and athletic profiles for student athletes to be sent to university coaches in Canada and the United States.


Coach Christa – LPGA Golf Coach

Christa Wong, who’s originally from Hong Kong, developed a strong passion for golf, through the influence of her father at a young age. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Marketing and has been working in the golf industry since 2012. Christa is now a LPGA Teaching Division Member. Christa is also well versed in club fitting and can speak fluent Cantonese.



Master Shishir - Body, Mind, Spirit Coach

Master Shishir is a pioneer and mentor of holistic training and healthy lifestyle. He developed his internal strength and self-realization thru self-discipline and by over-coming personal, professional, family, financial and political crisis. He started Arnis martial arts training at age 8.

Since 2003, Shishir has been training amateur and professional golfers as a “Body, Mind, Spirit Coach”. Shishir has worked at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy and Performance Center in orlando, Florida.

Master Shishir created “Quiet mind, Smiling Heart Meditation”, “Chi Golf”, “Sinawali Kickbox”, “Tai Chi Kung”. He has produced several DVD’s and books. He is a father of 4 children and was inducted in the Martial Arts all of Fame and name International Grandmaster of the year in 2005. Master Shishir is also a certified Natural Healer and massage Therapist.


Alexa Loo – Mental Game Coach

Alexa Loo is an expert mental coach and founder of Alexa Loo Coaching. A two-time Olympian in the sport of Parallel Giant Slalom (PGS) Snowboarding (2006 Turin and 2010 Vancouver), Alexa knows what it’s like to perform under pressure. She is now sharing and teaching the mental training skills Olympians use to deliver top performances. Through group workshops and one-on-one tutoring, Alexa motivates and teaches students by using stories of her Olympic experiences along with her sense of humor and a genuine desire to see her students achieve success. Alexa creates customized, practical methods to help develop the necessary mental skills to tackle university applications and standardized tests. She helps students craft their Personal Performance Plan (PPP). Her fun and easy to practice drills reduce stress, induce motivation, energy, and focus, as well as increase confidence to support high level performance in all facets of life.