G.E.T Scholarship

 Zone Golf Academy is Canada’s leading elite junior golf academy specializing in USA and Canadian University placement. Zone Golf has created new innovative programs. We have produced globally-minded graduates and are proud of the fact that 97% of graduates since 1988 have gone on to pursue post-secondary degrees.  To lead such a diverse academy, Coach Atley stresses Growing the Game, Paying it Forward and thinking Outside the Box.



Mission Statement:

Zone Golf Academy is designed to equip the player is all aspects of the game, from the technical fundamentals, to on course management and physical and mental conditioning. Ultimately this results in an improved game, which is coupled with scholastic readiness. With hard work and dedication to athletics and academics, our players can gain entrance to their top North American University of their choice, preferably on scholarship.

Motto: Golf, Educate and Inspire

New Facility:

Zone Golf Academy Inc expanded creating a 3600 square indoor facility. The studio features the Quintic Putting System Quintic is like “Trackman” for putting. We are excited about this new opportunity, to help more students to learn the great game of golf. We currently have five passionate coaches that are experts in their fields. 

1- Zone G.E.T. Scholarship Fund

With this expansion, and a high interest in golf, we are trying to make it afford for all students from all types of family units. Therefore, through an application form, students may apply for scholarships towards entrance into Zone Golf Academy Programs. Players could be new to golf or already have a keen interest in the game. Funds will be provided on need-based criteria.

2- Memberships to Greenacres Golf Course

Zone Golf Academy has been affiliated with Greenacres Golf Course for the past four years. We are looking to ‘Grow the Game’. 

3- Richmond and Vancouver Elementary in-School program

 Designed and implemented by Zone Golf Academy and Greenacres Golf Course. This joint pilot program Learn to Play has LPGA Life Member Coach TJ and Coach Derek (CPGA Greenacres) who have generously donated their time to teach SNAG GOLF in Richmond and Vancouver’s elementary schools, both private and public. 

4- ACT and SAT Prep

Similar to the above program, studying for the SAT or ACT can be very expensive. The student athlete’s final amount of scholarship is based on three items: GPA, SAT or ACT test scores and golf resume. We are looking to raise $5000 as a common tuition fee per student to study for these tests is $1000. 

5- Tutors for all subjects

Zone Golf Academy’s indoor facility has four designated tutors’ spaces for all subjects, from SAT and ACT to English, Math, Chinese, Business, Economics and Science. However, there are many children that can not afford to have a tutor. We are looking for $5000 to help support this endeavor.